A United States Company

Tikvah Marketing is more than any one thing.  As you will see as you visit this website there are many facets to our life.  Our passion is two-fold.  One is mentoring teens and young adults anywhere in the U.S.  The second is writing and publishing Bible-based books for kids, teens, and adults.  Beyond that, Tikvah Marketing is our primary income source that helps maintain those passions.

Tikvah Marketing provides a unique range of services and products including freelance writing, publishing, and websites.  

Simon and the Ka Ha Gee 3D Book Cover cropedWe can help you produce and publish books, catalogs, magazines, and more.   Using the Adobe suite we can produce any size, glossy, professional presentations in any quantity that will highlight your business in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We also specialize in CMS (Content Management System) websites.  In simple terms, these are websites that allow visitors to login and interact with your content.  These sites are excellent with background databases such as memberships or subscriptions.
CMS are also excellent platforms for online stores.

Teal BusTikvah Marketing is a nomadic company.  That means we are available on your site.  Do you need to launch a new product line?  Do you need our professional photography for your new products?  Would you like to interact while we launch your most recent ideas?  We can be there for you and with you - in person.  Our office is in a 40’ professional Motor Coach.  

We are also available as a two-person team of temporary labor.  We’ve enjoyed three months with Amazon, five months launching a new product line, one month doing a remodeling project, three months restoring a home, six months producing a 32 page glossy magazine as interim editor, five months care-taking for a campground, another three months with a manufacturer facility drafting and publishing owner manuals and instruction books.  The list goes on.  You can see our personal story here.

How can we help you?  We’re open to almost anything.  Give me a call, let’s talk.  Maybe we can meet for coffee.