Tikvah Marketing

The story of Tikvah Marketing dates back to almost the turn of the century.  But you probably didn’t come here for the long story, you want to know what we’re doing now.  

Tikvah Marketing is a desktop publishing, web designing, freelance writing, and whatever comes across my desk kind of company.  It’s “we” because I rarely work alone.  My wife is a constant companion and my favorite critic.  Beyond that, we often work with additional contractors to perform the things that might push the limits of my ability.

All of the work you see advertised on this website has been created by Dave Rush, owner of Tikvah Marketing.

So, what’s my passion?  Where do I begin?  I love to write, although I’m finding, with some disappointment, that the world doesn’t read anymore.  People want a two-minute video.  We’ve become an instant-gratification, microwave society.  But, I love to write anyway.

We live in southern Ohio, just a few minutes from our two kids and our five grandkids.  I would never consider southern Ohio a favorite place to live, but there’s nothing like being a part of our grandchildren’s lives.  That’s worth everything!

So, if you want to know more about what we do, take a scroll through this website, or send me a note, maybe we can have a cup of coffee and talk about how we can help your company.



Our personal blog, vlog, pictures and much more.  This is a sumery of where we’ve been in our life, and a glimps of where we are going.


The story of Pagiel and related videos, access to all of our books.  Suicide?  Have you considered a better death?


A landing page for all that we do.  Links to our Books, Publications, Blogs, Videos, Websites and much more.

Dave Rush, the author, lives in Lebanon, OH with his wife, Amy, and their little dog Dixie.  

Dave’s passion is to tell the stories of the Bible in a way that brings the characters to life in a clear, colorful and vivid picture.

Dave also travels the U.S. doing speaking engagements with Pagiel for youth groups, Bible studies, Schools, and almost any occasion to spread the story of hope and transformation.

You can contact Dave below or see any of his videos.