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The Simon Books are an adventure series that take you back, almost to the beginning of time.  Simon is thrown through time to places that you probably have heard of, but never imagined in the same way.

Can you imagine, just for a moment, being able to talk to Adam & Eve, from the Garden of Eden?  What would it be like in the world before sin and pollution?  What about seeing Noah’s Ark float away in the terrors of the great flood?

The journeys are full of fun, intense passion, love, lust, and violence.  Simon wrestles with the character of God and his faith often fails him in the face of impossible horrors.  

Does God care?  Is he even listening?  

These are real questions that plague every one of us if we’re honest with ourselves.  

Grab a copy for yourself.  See if you can relate to the struggles and triumphs of this young man as he walks through the trials of Biblical proportions.

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