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Simon and the Ka-Ha-Gee - Current Version

Simon and the Ka-ha-gee
A new understanding of the Mercy of Elohim

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   Simon finds himself many miles and many years outside of the ancient Garden of Eden.  He quickly strikes up a friendship with a young man named Lamech, and soon learns that Lamech’s great ancestors are Adam & Eve of the Bible, the first of creation.  His adventures include breathtaking scenery, beautiful people and an encounter with a dinosaur and a Levithan, a campout in paradise, meeting God on a mountaintop, learning of creation in a Ka-ha-gee, and swimming the Pishon river with the Yatsa fish.

   This fresh perspective early life after the Garden of Eden and the families after Adam will challenge and enrich your perspective of the Mercy of God.

   Simon returns home powerfully transformed by his understanding of the God of Adam.



Dave Amy smallAbout the Author

David Rush travels with his wife Amy and their little dog, Dixie.  David is “homeless by choice” and travels at “the whim of God” to various places across the United States.  They live in their converted bus titled “Tikvah”, a Hebrew word meaning “Hope” or “Intense Trust”.  His intentional walk with God is based on the premise of walking each day in absolute trust - only in the Grace and Mercy of God.  

David and Amy pick up work wherever they travel and enjoy mentoring young people and challenging church leaders with the Bible.

If you would like to connect with Dave and Amy or read more about their life go to their personal website at Dave-Amy.com


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