Simon’s Journey to the Mountains of Darkness


2nd book in the Simon Series

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Simon travels back to a dangerous and corrupt time before the flood of Noah. He is nearly killed by the gruesome Nephilim, witnesses the savage and barbaric persecution of his dearest friends and falls deeply in love with an exotic girl. The story of his Journey to the Mountains of Darkness includes unspeakable violence, intense passion, and an ongoing struggle of lust, hatred, and bloodshed. In this journey, Simon sees vivid comparisons of life then and life now. Why did God say he was sorry he had made man? Are we living any differently today than the people in the days of Noah? You will discover Noah and his Ark in ways you never imagined and gain a new perspective of the enduring grace and the passionate love of God, at a dark and corrupt time in our history. Simon will return home, emotionally and physically broken and yet transformed by a new understanding of the character of the God of Noah.


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